The Local Gift of the month campaign

Never a BOGO, coupon or discount

There are no strings attached with these gifts. You’re giving something that your contacts can walk in and redeem. For the cost of one lunch, send your clients a unique gift at a local business every month! Maybe it’s a place they’ve been before (a local favorite) and maybe it’s something new. Either way you’re giving not just a free item, but the experience of going and redeeming the gift.

Uniquely Local

The team at LoLo sources gifts from independent businesses in your area to include in the Gift of the Month campaign. We work with each vendor to decide on the best gift for the season, something we know will be a crowd pleaser. Several times a year the gift is designed for two - to encourage sharing and conversation (leading to word of mouth referrals).

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Love for local Vendors

The vendors that participate don’t pay a dime. Even better - they get paid back in full for every item that’s redeemed. What if the redemption rate is low on a gift? That vendor was still exposed (for free) to all of the contacts that received the gift. It’s a win-win-win. Small businesses are suffering these days from big box stores and online behemoths cutting into their profits. The LoLo program strives to keep the local vibe alive by funneling dollars back into these businesses.


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