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LoLo’s platform is so easy to use that I had my database up and running within minutes. To my surprise, within the first week of my first LoLo gift being sent, I had 5 clients reach out to me thanking me, a response I had never experienced from any of the other client gift programs I had used in the past. Best of all, I am able to track my client’s engagement with the gift and follow up with them by phone or texts. There is no easier phone call to make then one stating you just sent someone a gift. Lolo delivers huge value to my clients all while supporting popular local businesses.
— Beth Bishop, The Group Inc., Fort Collins, CO

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Easy Redemption

Clients receive the gifts via email and SMS/Text message and simply take their smart phone into the store to redeem.


See Statistics

View all the details from each gift send, down to who opened your messages and who used the gift.


Edit the gift message and put your own perspective on it. Make it personal to connect further with recipients.


Edit Recipients

Need to edit an email address or update a phone number? Simply log in and click edit. Need to remove someone? There’s a delete button. Need to add someone new? It’s super easy


From your dashboard you can view your engagement score - the percent of contacts that have interacted with your gift - see your contacts, make edits, and see stats on past gifts.

Measure Success

Watch your engagement score to understand if your campaign is resonating with your recipients. Use it as a reason to call.

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