You have questions, we have answers:

Can I choose my gift?

The monthly gift cannot be changed at this time. LoLo carefully curates a gift on your behalf each month. We work with locally owned and operated businesses in your area to pick the gift that’s best for them, appealing to the public, and seasonally relevant.

What’s the average value of the gifts?

The average value of each monthly gift is $8. In total, for the year, the annual gift package is worth about $100 per recipient.

How long is each gift valid?

We’ve found through testing that 60 days is the best length for each gift to be valid. This means that at any given time (after your first gift) your recipients will have two active gifts from you!

Do I pay more if the gifts are redeemed?

The beauty of the Gift of the Month program is that it’s one fixed price for you. No surprises! No ups and downs. One fee, per recipient, covers everything! Check out the pricing plans, here. What’s that you say? That’s crazy? What’s crazy is you not signing up right now…

Can I update my gift recipients?

Absolutely! You have total control over your recipient list. Need to update an email or phone number? Simply log into your admin panel and search by the recipient’s name. Someone not opening your gift emails? Pull them off your list and add someone else who will appreciate the gesture. Met someone new? Add them to your list!

Will I know when gifts send?

We’ll keep you in the loop. You’ll receive a notification 48 hours prior to a gift sending so you have time to personalize the message that sends out along with the gift. No time to personalize? We’ll craft a basic, friendly message.

Do the text messages send from my phone number?

Our SMS gift notifications send from a 5-digit code, but your name is included in the message so that people know it’s from you. When gifts are sent using text message AND email, we find the interactions increase by 3 times on average!

Can I start and stop sending gifts during the course of the year?

The Gift of the Month campaign works best when it’s consistent, therefore we recommend committing to the program and sending each month as part of an overall marketing plan for your business. We want to help you stay top of mind, and studies show three touches a month will help you do that. However, depending on your subscription plan you could opt to skip gifts.