Keepin’ the Local Vibe alive!

LoLo’s mission is to support independent local businesses! We want to make sending a gift to a locally owned business as easy as buying a gift card to a corporate chain.

We’re Coast to coast

LoLo has worked with over 700 independent local businesses across the country helping to keep local $ in local businesses.

Dollars Infused Into Local Businesses:

Hear from Local vendors we’ve worked with!


Palmer Flowers Fort collins, CO

LoLo was a breeze to work with and brought in a lot of new customers to our store. Our customers and staff used LoLo seamlessly. LoLo support was ALWAYS quick and responsive to us both in support and getting payments sent out. Our experience with their program was excellent. Plus, it produced much higher than expected sales numbers. This is our second LoLo campaign and we definitely plan to do it again!

-Tim Jordan

kristy davis.JPG

Donut Country Murfreesboro, TN

At first, I was skeptical as I am with all solicitations over the phone, but after they explained the process my gut said "I'd be silly not to do this.” Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be as simple as it was. Not only was it simple, but so many NEW customers came through our door. We've been in our community for almost 40 years, and we are silly to think that there is no new business to obtain. LoLo gave us a whole new customer base, which we feel has continued even months later. The process was so simple, and they were quick to send out payment upon request. The LoLo team was so easy to work with, and we would be honored to be able to work with Lolo again in the near future.

-Kristy Davis

chocolate truffles.jpeg

Van’s Chocolates Hendersonville, NC

This was by far the best program to be involved in. I think anyone that doesn’t see the value in this is crazy! The program was completely professional and was extremely easy. We would love to be involved in this program in the future. Thank you for the awesome experience!

-Will Ralston