Congrats! PMZ Real Estate invites you to Join the Local Gift of the mOnth Program!


PMZ Real Estate has partnered with LoLo to send local gifts to our clients. Join our network of local vendors across Modesto and we'll send our clients to you! There's no cost to participate and you get exposure to new customers! How does it work?  

It's as Easy as....

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A LoLo rep will contact you to set up the gift details and the month you'd like to be featured. 

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Customers will redeem the gift on their smartphone. Your staff simply clicks approve. 

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You are paid for every redemption! 


 Interested? Give us a call! 828-276-3777


LoLo Features your Business in the gift! 

Local Gift of the Month emails and texts are sent to thousands of people in your community. 

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Your Staff simply clicks Approve!

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View your Business Dashboard


A Local Gift of the Month gift is valid for 60 days. A check for the total amount will be sent following the gift expiration, but you may request payment at any time throughout the campaign.

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local businesses love lolo!


Examples of LoLo Gifts


Modesto Businesses Partnered with LoLo

  • Beijing Restaurant

  • Dessert European Bakery

  • Deva Cafe

  • Giacomo’s Espresso

  • Gold N Fresh

  • Harvest Moon

  • Ice Cream Company

  • Luigi’s Pizza

  • Maria’s Taco Shop

  • Modesto Exotic Flowers

  • Mud Mill

  • My Chef

  • Redwood Cafe

  • St. Stan’s

  • Stewart & Jasper

  • T-Cups Cafe

  • Thailand Restaurant

  • Tresetti's

  • Velvet Grill

  • Village Baking Co.

  • Whirlows