Why Limit the Number of Gifts a Recipient Can Get?

I can’t add my [best friend/client I just closed with/person I just met at book club, etc.]!

What gives?

We know it can be frustrating when you are not able to add a contact to your engagement program, but we’re trying to protect the integrity of the system. By only allowing each gift recipient to receive a unique gift from a sender, we preserve the perceived value of that touchpoint and keep our recipients from becoming numb to gift notices. Our system will allow the recipient to opt out from a sender if they would prefer to receive the gift from someone else each month. If they do nothing, it will default to the sender that added them first. If they are already receiving gifts, they will be added to your waitlist, which means if they are removed from their current sender’s list they’ll be available to you.

Why would you restrict who we can send gifts to?

We’re hoping to create meaningful, authentic relationships, and believe by limiting to one of the same gift per gift recipient we can do that. We’re also looking out for our end user - in a world where privacy and choice matter, we want to make sure they have a say in the messages being delivered to their inbox and phone. Think of it like a gift registry - you wouldn’t buy a gift for someone that they’ve already received from someone else (not intentionally anyway).

I’m close with another salesperson and our contact lists overlap. How do we decide who can send gifts to whom?

We recommend you and your fellow salesperson work with LoLo or your brokerage to create a team account to use for your joint contacts. You can co-brand by adding a joint photo, updating your contact info to reflect both of your names, and create a joint email address to share for your account. That way you can both provide value without the headache of deciding who contacts belong to.

I added a contact to my waitlist, how long will I have to wait for them?

It’s hard to say. When a gift sender unsubscribes from the Gift of the Month, their contacts are released from the waiting list of the other salespeople. A contact also becomes available if they are removed from another sender’s list. Many of our senders opt to re-enroll each year due to the success of our program, so there’s no way to know when a contact will become available. If the waitlists become large in a particular market, we’ll open up another gift program. This will allow you to enroll your clients in a similar program that will send a different gift each month.